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Keeping your equipment – and your business – on the road to success

Plant trailer breakdowns are relatively common and normally very expensive – But they are also avoidable.

Springfield Machinery Services stand at the cutting edge of the trailer industry, to the point that we often train other companies on how to properly maintain and repair their trailers. This makes us the optimum choice for plant trailer servicing in and around Bristol, keeping your trailers safe, secure and complaint with UK road laws.

Each servicing is accompanied with a highly tailed report, and we will also supply you with trailer consumables with every repair of service to give you complete transparency. In the interest of convenience, we can collect your trailer and carry out the servicing at our workshop or we can do repairs in the field.





Minimise breakdowns and maximise profits with SMS's plant trailer servicing

Get in touch with our team for a price, or to arrange an SMS service contract.

Alternatively, explore our range of second-hand tool sales in Bristol.


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